The quality of minimarket apples can be variable; no-one’s in denial about this.

That said, while very rarely does the British minimarket get a mention in top fresh produce outlet lists, the staff of UK Supermarket, Stamford Hill should take this as at least something of an affront.

While the minimarket Royal Gala* apple of legend is pock-marked, of indistinct colour and flavour, and mixed in with tomatoes, radishes and any other item in a tray outside the main body of the shop with a reddish hue, UK Supermarket’s option stands above, haughtily looking down on your cheap stereotypes.

On top of appealing visuals, a decent but not overly-challenging crunch, juiciness without requirement of a napkin, and no unexpected disgusting brown bits below surface level were found – making this a stand-out choice. Service was about as to be expected for one buying a single apple, but not unfriendly.

*Although unstickered, the apple reviewed here was presumed to be of this type. It could have been a Braeburn at a push.


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