McVitie’s: in a world where corporate mistrust is justifiably high, you are doing so much well.

Given there is no dispute that chocolate-coated Hob Nobs and Digestives are all respectively 9/10+ biscuits, I will have to adopt a Pitchfork-style scoring scale. It won’t happen again. It might happen again.

I would like to know the science as to why the milk chocolate Hob Nob is superior to its dark sibling, yet in the field of Digestives, this trend is turned on its head, but I’m prepared to listen to the logic that suggests that some mysteries are best left unsolved.

Other than this, I can only provide ratings in the form suggested above, and also as a league table. Given these snacks’ office-based ubiquity, though, perhaps league desk would work better. Anyway:

Chocolate-coated Hob Nob (Milk) – 9.8

Chocolate-coated Digestive (Dark) – 9.6

Chocolate-coated Hob Hob (Dark) – 9.4

Chocolate-coated Digestive (Milk) – 9.3


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