A cursory glance at Wikipedia reveals to me two previously unknown pieces of information (I mean previously unknown by me, not previously unknown by anyone): That Loyd Grossman’s Christian name is spelt with a mere one ‘L’, and that Loyd ‘One L’ Grossman used to be in a punk rock band.

Sadly, there can be nothing less punk rock than his brand of pasta sauces.

Don’t get me wrong, these sauces are not particularly bad; they warrant a solid 5/10. But that’s the point isn’t it? Frankly, I expect better from someone who used to be in a punk band. Can you imagine Jello Biafra knocking up a 5/10 pasta sauce, or Henry Rollins satisfying himself with a culinary product of rank adequacy?

And what’s more, all of the sauces in Grossman’s range taste exactly the same. There are ostensibly thirteen variations to choose from; I estimate that I’ve tried about six, and I can discern no difference between them. Granted this is far from scientific, but I wouldn’t hold out much hope for the other seven.

Punk rock indeed. Loyd Grossman’s sauces are the Status Quo of spaghetticular productage.


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