cracker peanuts

I have a fractured, confusing relationship. With savoury coated peanuts.

This blog relates not to yoghurt and chocolate affairs, oh no. Sweet coated peanuts are an adequate and uncontroversial pseudo-dessert option.

What’s being said here is that faced with a savoury setting, peanuts to all intents and purposes should be fine on their own. They should call for no coating, be that a semi-breaded or rice cracker-based crunchy shell .

Nuts do not feel the occasional excesses of midsummer, so it would be tenuous to argue that having a solid peanut sweating it out inside a coat is pure, needless cruelty comparable with the labrador in a locked Audi – but it is undoubtedly absolute gastronomic extravagance.

Yet, yet…there’s something alluring about the savoury coated peanut.

Nobby’s make a fine coated peanut. The peanuts flirting with Asiatic rice-based crunches oft-found in confused-monikered ‘European foods’ minimarkets in London suburbs are also strangely sexy saliva accessories.

So this superfluous addition is also a satisfying one, taking the crunchy essence of the nut and adding a little more crunchiness that you never would have guessed it was calling out for. This is less like the cherry on top of the bun or the feather in Robin Hood’s hat – more like the crisps on top of my mum’s crispy baked pancake recipe or even custard on an iced sponge cake.

Future generations may be shocked if a further level of crunch is added to the coated peanut to make a double-coated or coated-coated option – but they would be fools to write it off untasted.

NUTS: 7/10



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