You can deny it all you want, but names are important. That is why parents give them to children. That is why chocolate bars and shops and stuff have them. Like it or not, it seems that names are here to stay.

Which brings me onto a little emporium (I suppose that is the best word for it) I visited recently in Cambridge. The shop was called ‘Ooshi!’. And my first thought was: what a delightful name.



It sounds really cute doesn’t it? It sounds like a pet name an adoring new mother might give her gurgling newborn baby, or the name a doting Japanese lady might give her Lhasa Apso puppy. We at Average Food Blog are not prone to outbursts of emotion, but even a cynical young rebel like me has to admit that Ooshi! is an adorable name. The produce of said emporium would have had to have been abysmal for me to give Ooshi! anything less than 10/10.

And the produce was something called bubble tea. This is apparently a craze from Taiwan, currently sweeping the trendier enclaves of southern England. It is basically a flavoured tea drink, a bit like an elaborate iced tea, filled with a scoopful of weird little bubble things, made out of tapioca. They basically have the consistency of eyeballs. (Not that I’ve ever eaten eyeballs. I ain’t no Luis Suarez.) ‘Ooshi!’ could well be an approximation of the noise emitted by an unsuspecting imbiber upon consuming one of these weird bubble things.

I had a sweet green tea with cherry bubbles. And it was da bomb! It was so good, in fact, that it reduced a man with two degrees to talking like someone straight outta Compton. (Is that where the cool cats at now? See, I don’t even know.) Anyway, it was the shizzle.

People: go to Ooshi! Trust. 10/10


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