I know what you’re thinking: why is such a renowned solid meal even up for review? This is heading for an 8/10, no?

The chips are of the oven, crinkle-cut variety. The beans are of the value variety. The fish is obscure. Not so clear-cut, huh? Huh?

The British public won’t ask too many questions where a new food bargain is at stake: blah blah blah, Horsemeat. So here I am eating basa, a type of Vietnamese catfish, as a cheap alternative to your cods and haddocks of the world.

Post-mortem did not ascertain if the basa was also cheerful, though in doing some post-consumption research, it seems there are quite a few concerns about farming standards around our feline friend, so we can maybe presume not.  The fish is not related to former Bristol City goalkeeper Adriano Basso, but why would it be?

I digress. Fried with a little flour and salt and pepper, this fish is decent in the pan, and on the fork; flakey, with a solid fish-like taste.

The chips manage to be simultaneously under and overdone, though this is possibly the fault of their lax baker. An underwhelming dish rotation system was in place. A little vinegar saves the situation reasonably well.

The beans taste like every store’s own baked bean ever.

Meal rating: 8/10



Only messing…



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