Beware the Introductory Price. It usually suckers you into buying a tin of mackerel in caramel sauce or burger-flavoured broccoli. If either or both of those products don’t already exist, I’m calling Copyright, for the record.

Bobby’s Crispy Fries call themselves ‘THE REAL POTATO SNACK’ (emphasis not added). Beware the thing emphasising its realness over unspecified not-as-real things.

Bobby’s Crispy Fries are a crisp are a crisp with a bag that OPENS SIDEWAYS (emphasis added). Beware a crisp bag that opens sideways.

What I’m saying is this: beware the Introductory Price on a thing emphasising it’s realness over unspecified not-as-real things that happens to be a bag of crisps that opens sideways. Good.

All dangers aside, they are pretty good. Not too salty, quality crunch, not oily at all, in plentiful supply, and with a few brown/greenish ones at the bottom to emphasise once again how bloody real the potatoes involved are.

They are not, however, an austerity snack, at 69p (Introductory Price), 79p RRP. And the bag still opens sideways.



One thought on “BOBBY’S CRISPY FRIES

  1. Graham

    The price is what puts people off – they are actuallly 45g so quite a lot of crisps weight wise, but of course you don’t see that. Anyway, it seems that shocking price has put people off because they’re now available for 19p each at Home Bargains. Yay!


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