I apologise to all Average Food Blog readers. I should have mentioned well before now that Lidl Deluxe Fruit Granola is absolutely delicious. You may well have been trundling along for these few months of your existence eating AN Other Breakfast Cereal, and this thought to me is a tragic one.

I’ve eaten a lot of breakfast cereals in my life, but in truth this is more than a breakfast cereal; this is an experience, and a borderline transcendental one at that. It is also more than a breakfast cereal in the sense that it’s so good you find yourself with the bag at constant mild-hunger standby. Granola just happens, and keeps happening. Total granola.

It’s just the right level of sweet, it’s the right level of crunch, it truly gives you the sense you’re eating actual things: fruit, nuts and that, in a way that Mornflake, Jordans and other limp-wristed rivals could only dream of. They also had it at a special price of like £1.99 or something absurd last time I consumed it. With the UK economy allegedly bouncing recently, they may have since removed the decimal point. The world moves on, often in cruel ways.

Speaking of cruelty, since we need to get of the habit of giving things >10/10 reviews, I’m going to sign this off with an overly-harsh rating.


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