Edinburgh, day 9, first day off of two. Fish day.

A good place to spend part of a day you’ve termed ‘fish day’ is the seaside. I went to the seaside. North Berwick by way of specific location; a place of depressing malaise and quite beautiful beaches.

Fish and chips were eaten, more in obligation than burning desire. The chips were excellent, crunchy and fluffy in mutual compliment. The fish was a little disappointing for a coastal location, though was acceptable enough.

The main problem here was no vinegar, salt or tartare sauce being provided in the faux-gourmet takeaway bag – an accessory I believe largely to blame for the £9.50 price tag. The lack thereof left me bemused, staring wistfully at an oil tanker moving slowly past a moderately impressive rock.

The tuna salad roll I ate in lieu of a formal evening meal arrangement used the word ‘fresh’ in its packaging branding. However, I bought it reduced because it wasn’t really that fresh anymore. This is a fact that leads into nothing.

It was, however, exactly what I was looking for in that moment of hunger thrown out of normal meal time-frames due to flyering, shows and ennui. Arguably, the tuna, most probably of giant tin origin, was a comparable experience to the fresh fish of a Scottish East Coast port. I am loathe to make any more general deductions from this fact.

Fish 1: 6/10

Chips: 9/10

Fish 2: 7/10

Overall fish experience on 12/08/13: 7/10

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