The Pâté in question is the Co-operative’s Ardennes Apple and Calvados pâté. Yes, I stretched to the £1.99 option.

Don’t let this lead you to believe my Edinburgh PBH Free Fringe bucket has been overflowing. That would be an incorrect thing to be lead to believe. It’s just that sometimes in life, one just needs to indulge.

The pate has been consumed in two ways today: on brown toast, and on brown toast with cheese in sandwich form. Both were phenomenal, and that’s all the while considering that the cheese was quite mediocre. That’s right – the utter deliciousness of this up-market supermarket pâté cannot be sullied by accoutrements.

During the eating, I felt for those fleeting moments like an emperor, a maharajah, a senior salesman in a moderately successful B2B IT components company away at a conference.

This was living, for real, transcending declining domestic conditions in the Edinburgh performer shared tenement. This was meaty, sweety (not a word), subtle and intense in flourishes.

I cannot testify for all up-market supermarket pâtés, and I certainly cannot promise I won’t use the word ‘market’ in an equal or more clunky fashion in consecutive words in another blog. The thing is, and this is something that all committed pâté eaters understand, you’ve just got to live in the moment.



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