Now ‘Nourishment’ is by no means a short, snappy name. It is probably not the kind of name that has the marketing men (and women; let’s not forget the women) salivating. No: regardless of how nourishing a beverage may in fact be, ‘Nourishment’ simply will not do.

And so the folks behind Nurishment came up with a genius idea: “I know”, they thought, “let’s LEAVE OUT THE O!” ‘Nurishment’, after all, is so so so so so so so much more concise and memorable than ‘Nourishment’. O’s – fuck ‘em. Wh needs O’s anyway?

[…and breathe.]

Ok, so Nurishment bares a name that looks like an 8-year-old’s failed spelling test; the fact remains that it is the ABSOLUTE BOMB. It is the nectar of the gods. And the fact that it comes in one of the least appetizing receptacles in the history of receptacles – essentially corrugated iron fashioned into a cylinder – should, in this instance, not be held against it, for said receptacle actually adds a barely perceptible metallic hint which, surprisingly, enhances the taste of the beverage. It is hard to describe, but it is true. Check it out.

I should let it be known at this point that I have only ever tried the vanilla version. But I am willing to extrapolate from this magnificent experience and declare that all Nurishment drinks are great. (Apart from banana; I hate banana, but that is an issue for another article.)

Nurishment: spelling 0/10, taste 10/10

One thought on “NURISHMENT (VANILLA)


    I once got a whole pallet of Peanut Nurishment from Camden 99p shop for a pound. Yes, 12 cans if memory serves. I drank one a day at work for about a month. It was like I’d died and gone to milky protein-enriched satay heaven. I loved them. Obviously the rest of the world JUST WASN’T READY: you will not find peanut Nurishment in the UK at least any longer. Does anyone know if it’s still available in, say, Malaysia?


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