Not actual Kievs. Soup/ dip not provided.

34% chicken. If you want key words, you got ‘em, right there.

The Co-operative mini chicken Kiev bites are far more Kiev than they are chicken. Whatever that means.

Sure, such low-meat meat products are very much symbolic with everything that is evil and wrong with the modern world. At the same time, though, sometimes you have to concede that something evil is also pretty damn competent – Real Madrid football club, for example.

I theorise that supermarkets are preparing us for the conveniently-ignored solid theory that the only sustainable way to eat to prolong humanity’s general future is to avoid meat altogether, by slowly reducing the amount of meat in their breaded and microwavable products over time. Give it a decade and these mini chicken Kiev bites will be 5% chicken. And we’ll accept it.

Aside from the issue of meat content, mini bites like these are the nursery slopes for those curious about full-size chicken Kievs but afraid to take the plunge. And this mini Kiev bite experience would surely ensure a later upgrade. It may be scary at first, but I’d advise anyone to give it a go, to say that you’ve done it if nothing else.

Average Food Blogs are often afflicted by massive levels of digression, and this is no different. Let’s get on to a qualitative assessment off this food, shall we? Yes.

I would not go as far to say that each mini Kiev is full of flavour, but they do have some discernable flavour.  It would be remiss, after all, to stuff the things full of garlic when they are likely to be consumed in a lunchtime scenario (for some reason the thought of mini chicken Kiev bites as evening meal is incomparably depressing), but garlic lurks to a relevant extent for context. There are also some generic savoury flavours that are probably not of natural origin, but fairly moreish.

This is also a snack that does not initiate an immediate psychological deterioration upon eating, unlike a supermarket mini pork pie, for example. Overall, these are far from unpleasant small-scale foods that you should let into your small-scale lives.



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