This blog should really be titled ‘A fly’, relevant to the gustatory sample used, but this would not be the first online blah to mislead with words at the top.

A single fly ended up in my mouth during a run yesterday. It was one of those ones that are not quite a plain old hoverfly, not quite a bee or wasp, but enough to instigate a brief moment of concern.

Though the time within the salivary area with minimal, it tasted quite acidic, with a hint of the metallic. Then it flew off. Calorie content was not enjoyed, which was unfortunate given this unexpected suggestion of snackfood was at a point where I was flagging somewhat and could have benefited from what’s known in the trade as ‘Nature’s PowerBar’.

Overall, a diverting but ultimately inconsequential dining experience for both sides of the equation.

FLY: 2/10


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