I imagine none of you will have been waiting with baited breath for this, the third instalment of Average Food Blog’s Summer Season (see sterling accounts of Feast and Fab Lollies). For those none people, the wait is over.

Mr Freeze has inflated in price by roughly 50% to 30p since I last sampled it. Luckily my income has increased by slightly above double pocket money levels in my ‘career’ as a freelance writer.

I had the strawberry flavour. I really wanted the blue raspberry flavour but my new-found adulthood would not permit it. I still had an incredible time. The icy pseudo-snack slipped out languorously like a sugary reverse-condom.  I was cooled. I felt cool. I felt like I should learn to skateboard or buy all of the games consoles I was never allowed as a child.

Mr Freeze reminds me that life is about the simple joy of coloured, flavoured water in plastic, with a solemn reminder “to be frozen before consumption”. For a raging cobalt-souled cynic, this is an essential reminder.

Mr Freeze claims he is nothing short of ‘the coolest pop in the Universe’. I would question whether this claim has been robustly scientifically tested, but in a broad sense, I do not feel inclined to disagree.


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