The quickest way to summarise the flavour output of New Covent Garden Soups is this: Highly reminiscent of vomit, but a bit nicer. The ideal gustatory outcome of a bout of acute gastroenteritis, if you will.

This being written, I am often lulled back to New Covent Garden when at my lowest ebb in the monumental idea-culler that is the modern supermarket, whilst feeling like my diet could do with broadening beyond French stick and bananas.

This brings me seamlessly to the puke-soup’s juggernaut’s latest flavour: Oriental Vegetables with Chilli and Ginger. Predictably, it tastes like bile. It wouldn’t look more like sick if it was in a joke shop. ‘The Orient’, whoever they are these days, must be fuming about this. They should sue. So should Leyton Orient Football Club.

The heave- soup company is expert at one thing, however: Creating appealing, pseudo-rustic packaging. This means that any one of us are at clear and present danger of basketing one of its products when in that bewildering early supermarket aisle that contains raw meat, pizzas, soups in cartons, and often the Reduced Shelf. Just breathe deeply and move swiftly on.

New Covent Garden Soup will not get zero points from me, though. This is simply down to the fact that there is a hell of a lot of awful supermarket soup about, implying it must just be really hard to make any decent packaged liquid savoury. They also made once a slide out of a soup carton for some reason. Here, a couple for the effort.




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