My continental foodstore sweetmeat odyssey has taken me to some mighty highs and some punishing lows.

I have arrived now at Zydo Wafer Cakes with Coco-nut (sic). There is everything here: wafer, cacao cream, two E-numbers, coco-nut. The implication regarding the latter is that the manufacturers are describing coconut; this much can be ascertained from a three illustrations of coconuts on the packaging.

Wafer-based sweetmeats are a common sight in continental foodstores – but Zydo must be praised for the addition of coco-nut, which in future years should go down as a real breakthrough in the marketplace, nay, a revolution of sorts.

As for the experience, it’s a damn solid sweetmeat, and although featuring a Sahara-dry mid-section and desiccated outer covering, easily dissolves in the mouth. Whether food is meant to dissolve in the mouth at all is surely a question for another day. The flavour is a nondescript yet strangely reassuring sweetness, with the most clandestine hint of the tropics.

If you are prone to migraines, eating three consecutively gives you the beginnings of one, requiring some sort of herbal tea mitigation, and for this health risk, Zydo Wafer Cakes with Coco-nut shall be marked down a single point.



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