Let’s make this absolutely clear; I have never witnessed an absolute, literal Jamaican sunset. But I do know what a moderately pleasant carbonated beverage tastes like, and this, readers, is that.

Levi advises me to “put some music in my glass”. I drank it out of the plastic bottle it came in, and this was the crucial factor, I can only presume, in a lack of music in my general area.

Watermelon and guava is the flavour, with the italics really pushing me into the purchase.

It is decent – nothing more, nothing less. Pleasantly fruity, and provides sufficient sugars for after a particularly gruelling game of 5-a-side football.

In the scheme of Caribbean-influenced newsagent beverages, it is conceptually more manageable than Rio Tropical, marketing’s ‘healthy Lilt’ which has been covered previously on this blog. However, it ranks nowhere near the stratospheric limbo bar set by Sun Exotic Sparkling Pineapple and Coconut.

I can only speculate that a Jamaican sunset of the traditional kind might rate significantly higher, but this one scores 6/10.

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